Case studies

The Pacific Region CHP Application Center and DER Group have been working on fact sheets for interesting combined heat and power (CHP) applications in California, Nevada, and Hawaii.

Transamerica Pyramid Building
Combined Cooling, Heating & Power

East Bay Municipal Utility District Administration Building
Combined Heat & Power
600 kW Microturbine CHP/Chiller System

Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Facility
Combined Heat & Power
2.2 MW Reciprocating CHP System

San Francisco Ritz Carlton Hotel
Combined Heat & Power
240 kW Microturbine/Abs. Chiller System

Sierra Nevada Brewery
Combined Heat & Power
1 MW Direct Fuel Cell/CHP System

Joseph Gallo Farms Dairy
Combined Heat & Power
700 kW Reciprocating CHP System

Chiquita Water Reclamation Plant (Waste Water Treatment)
Combined Heat & Power
120 kW Microturbine CHP System

One Market Plaza (Commercial Complex)
Combined Heat & Power
1.5 MW CHP System

Vineyard 29 Winery
Combined Cooling, Heating, & Power
120 kW Microturbine/Adsorption Chiller System

Alameda County Santa Rita Jail
Combined Heat & Power
1 MW Fuel Cell CHP System

Las Vegas Hotel Casino
Combined Heat & Power
4.9 MW Reciprocating CHP System

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